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About Us

Sally O'Neal's Pizza Hotline, a family owned and operated business, has served South Tampa since 1985. We've always tried to listen to you, our customer, and give you the best product and service that you truly deserve. Our pizza is made from the best natural ingredients we can buy. From the locally sourced vegetables and the fresh baker's yeast, to the homemade sauces, marinades, and dressings to the best quality meats, we're all about serving the best product possible. A product of superior taste and quality for which we have won many culinary awards, including national recognition as the best independent pizza business in Tampa Bay.
Pat Judith

Sally O’Neal’s Pizza Hotline owners, Pat and Judith O’Neal, have always felt they were feeding their friends, at their house with homemade food. With the best ingredients and a passion for quality they have made Sally O’Neal’s a South Tampa landmark.

Burt Wolf

Pat and Judith O’Neal had an opportunity to spend some quality time with celebrity chef Burt Wolf on a recent vacation.

"Best of Tampa Bay"